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We Connect You
To Your Health

24-7 Health Connect provides a convenient, high-quality, and effective virtual healthcare platform for individuals around the world. Our platform helps to reduce patient hospitalizations and emergency room visits while improving each user’s quality-of-life and treatment empowerment.


Connecting you with your health


Improving your patients’ engagement in their health


Promoting quality-of-life for your employees

About 24-7 Health Connect

We facilitate innovative, real-time healthcare provider connections for individuals suffering from chronic medical conditions, to optimize patient monitoring and treatment results. Our mission focuses on providing an easy-to-use, remote patient monitoring device and online interface platform. We combine innovative data gathering technologies, comprehensive medical analysis, and personalized health and lifestyle coaching. Our users obtain customized, professional healthcare assistance that is simple, accessible, affordable, and effective.

Hear from our members

"The personalized attention the Health Navigators provide, along with the data tracking my progress, has been a big help in keeping me on track."

Linda C.

"I like the simplicity of the smart watch, the goal setting and tracking my progress, and the regular encouragement and support the Health Navigators provide."

Margaret S.
New York

"I recommend this for anyone with diabetes, hypertension or just looking for a healthier lifestyle. It has been a great experience."

Dennis P.

Uses & what it can track

ConnectPlus Smart Tech devices provide the ultimate level of real-time, personalized health monitoring. You can focus on better health at home, work, and play with our devices, online platform, 24-7 Help Center, and ongoing connection to your Health Coach

Our Smart Tech includes the following state-of-the-art devices and features:

  • Seamless, real-time Connect+ platform communication for accurate data analysis
  • Easy-to-use devices and data gathering precision
  • 150+ devices available from 10+ manufacturers
  • Devices available based on turnkey cellular access or Bluetooth technology
  • 24-7 access to Health Connect platform and support
  • Wireless support for blood pressure monitoring, glucose readings, body weight assessments (digital scales), activity measurement (including Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, and Connect+ Smartwatch)
  • Wireless reporting for heart rate, HRV, blood oxygen level, SpO2, body temperature, sleep activity, fitness accomplishment, stress level

Blood Pressure

Heart Rate & HRV

Blood Oxygen Level/Sp02

Sleep Activity



Stress Levels

Health Coaching

Healthy Habits are Within Your Reach

Health Coaching helps you develop healthy habits. A Health Coach works with you to design a personalized action plan and to provide education, encouragement, and accountability along the way. We’re there to get you started, to monitor your progress, and to help celebrate your milestones.

What does Health Coaching involve?

  • Work with a Health Coach, one-on-one, for 6-12 months
  • Participate in a live, virtual orientation to set your goals and design an action plan with your Health Coach
  • Receive accountability and support through regular contact with your Health Coach
  • Take part in online educational opportunities
  • Consult with supplemental healthcare professionals, as needed (i.e., dietician, physical therapist, etc.)

Ready to experience something new?

Join the growing family of individuals, health care professionals, patients, and employers as personalized technology leads to the latest breakthroughs in healthcare. Personal wellness goals are achievable, with individualized data, accurate analysis, coaching support, and 24/7 Health Connect integrated technology.